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Marriage License Department
What is needed to get a marriage license?
What methods of payment may I use?
Do both parties have to be present at the Clerk's Office to apply for a license?
Is a blood test required?
Is there a waiting period for the issuance of a license?
How long is the marriage license valid?
Must I apply for a marriage license in the county where I live?
Who may perform marriage ceremonies?
Who is a "regularly ordained minister"?
May we get married by a captain aboard a ship?
May a marriage be solemnized without a license?
Can I be married in the Clerk's Office?
How long does it take to get a copy of our marriage record and how much does it cost?
Can people obtain a license to marry partners of their own gender?
Can a person marry someone to whom they are related?
Do one or both of the applicants have to be U.S. citizens?
Do we need a license to renew our vows? How do we go about doing this?
Under what circumstances may a license be issued to persons 16 or 17 years of age?
Can an individual who is younger than 16 get a marriage license from the Clerk's Office with parental permission?
Where can I view historical marriage license records online?
Where can I view and obtain copies of marriage licenses?