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Listing of delinquent tax real estate property that did not sell at auction and is available to be sold for taxes and applicable fees.

Properties for which no bids are received at the auction are placed on our "Lands Available List", if it is a County held certificate. Florida Statutes Chapter 197 provides the County may, at any time within the first 90 days from the day the property is placed on the list, purchase the property for the opening base bid. After the ninety day period, the property is available for purchase by the public for the base bid plus accrued interest, any taxes due, documentary stamps, and recording and indexing fees.

If the certificate is a non-homestead property, brought to sale by an individual certificate holder (the applicant) and no bids are received, the applicant is issued a Tax Deed for monies already paid to bring the property to sale plus any additional fees due.

On properties that have a homestead classification, ½ of the assessed value is added to the base bid per Florida Statute 197. If the certificate holder fails to pay the one-half value of the homestead, the sale is considered canceled and the property will be advertised for re-sale within 30 days as provided for in F.S. 197.542(2). If, at the subsequent sale, there are no bidders and the certificate holder refuses to pay the monies to cover the homestead, the clerk will place the property on the Lands Available List where it will be available for purchase after 90 days.

This list is subject to change. If you are interested in this list, you may mail a check for $3.00 (plus a self addressed stamped envelope) to:

Clerk of Circuit Court
Attn: Tax Deed Sales
P.O. Box 1110
Tampa, Florida 33601

You may visit the Property Appraiser's web site or the Tax Collector's web site for basic information regarding the listed properties. Be sure to make note of the folio numbers you want to research before leaving our site.

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079848.0000 09526-99 04/10/06
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084556.0000 10201-99 03/14/06
149748.0000 74160-03 03/14/06
155738.0000 15973-99 03/04/02