File without an Attorney

A Self-Represented Litigant (Pro Se) is a person who appears in court without the assistance of a lawyer.

Pro Se FAQs

Where do I get the forms that I need to create a filing?

You can use TurboCourt to prepare the documents you need and file them online or you can find the forms you need on our Forms page.

How can I prepare a filing?

You can create the forms online using TurboCourt or you can scan in paper forms which you have prepared and e-File them through the FCCC ePortal.

If I don't know how to do this can the Clerk help me?

Pursuant to Florida Statutes, the clerk of the circuit court shall provide ministerial assistance to pro se litigants. Assistance shall not include the provision of legal advice.  If you have questions, there are non-profit agencies such as Bay Area Legal Services or Gulf Coast Legal Services that provide free legal assistance to income eligible residents.

How can I view my file?

You can view your case information through the Hillsborough Online Viewing of Electronic Records (HOVER).

What are the fees and fines associated with this service?

See the Fees and Fines page for more information.