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E-Filing in the Clerk's Office

    E-filing standards are outlined for all 67 Clerks of Court in the State of Florida to follow to implement electronic filing of court documents. These Standards are now reflected in the document entitled, Florida Supreme Court Standards for Electronic Access to Courts (November 2016).

    Please consult with the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Administrative Orders posted on the court's website for local requirements.  The Thirteenth Judicial Circuit is divided into "east" and "west" geographic divisions.  Review Administrative Order S-2013-033 for filing requirements in the "east" and "west" divisions.

All Departments now Accept e-Filed Documents

If your Law Office would like to establish a Law Firm Administrator Account to manage your organization's access to the e-Filing Portal, fill out the ePortal Law Firm Registration form and email it to our Office using the Email this Form button located in the upper right hand corner of the document.

Request a Law Firm Administrator Account in the ePortal


ePortal Law Firm Registration Form



    The following production link to the FCCC E-Filing Portal site and the e-Filer Documentation and Law Firm Administrator Documentation are being provided for your use.  If you encounter any issues at the E-filing Portal site, please contact the FCCC via email at or by phone at (850) 577-4609.