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Do I need to provide a paper document follow-up to the Clerk’s Office after submitting my filing through the ePortal?
Are there file size limitations on documents filed through the e-Filing Portal?
What documents are excused from mandatory e-Filing?
How are electronic documents served?
Once I e-file a document electronically, how long does it take to process?
How is the filing date and time established for my filings through e-Filing Portal?
How will users of the e-Filing Portal be authenticated?
Can a single filing apply to more than one case number?
Will there be any charges for users of the e-Filing Portal?
What are the payment options available through the e-Filing Portal?
How can I tell which case corresponds to the charge on my bank statement.
What is ‘Moved to Pending Queue’ notice?
How do I know if I have to pay the re-open fees for a Motion filed?
How will I receive any Orders Setting Case Management Conference, Standing Temporary Orders, or other documents prepared by the clerk in conjunction with my e-filing transaction?
What happens when the clerk does not approve the fee waiver request?
I work for a state agency which is exempt from paying the required fees, how do I submit my e-Filing transaction through the portal and not have to pay the fees?
How do I determine if my case should be filed in East Division of the circuit?
How will I alert the clerk that my new case needs to be assigned to a specific geographic division or prior division based on local administrative order?
How will attorneys submit proposed orders to the court?
What file format can I use when submitting my filing?
When filing a new case at the e-Filing Portal, how do I know the relationship of each drop down under the Division, Case Type, Sub Case Type and Proceeding Case Types?
Where can I learn more about standards for electronic filing with the courts?
What types of documents will the Clerk’s Office not accept through the e-Filing Portal?
How will the summonses be issued?
How do I file a Lis Pendens/Discharge of Lis Pendens document through the e-filing portal and calculate the fees involved to get the document recorded?
How do I file a Surety or Cash bond through the e-Filing portal?
How do I file a Notice of Action for Service by Publication through the e-filing Portal?
How do I get a Writ of Possession, Writ of Execution, or Writ of Replevin issued through the portal?
How do I make a deposit into the courts registry from the E-Filing portal?
How do I correct a document that has been placed in the pending queue by the clerk?
How does an out-of-state attorney wishing to appear in a Florida case gain access to the Statewide e-Filing Portal?
Probate, Guardianship, Trust, and Mental Health eFiling FAQ's
Do I file mortgage foreclosure packets through the eportal?
What type of documents must be deposited with the Clerk and maintained for safekeeping in their original paper format after e-Filing with Hillsborough County?
How should I file exhibits accompanying a document?