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Family Law Department
Family Law cases include Dissolution of Marriage (divorce), Annulment, Name Change, Adoption, Delayed Birth Certificates, Support (Foreign and local), Custody, Paternity and Alimony. The above listed are the most common filings and not inclusive of all matters.

        The Central Governmental Depository (CGD) is located in the George Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 East Twiggs Street, room 101, Tampa, FL 33601. This location can receipt support payments, purge payments, and fees associated with support cases. Additionally, this location can accept pleadings for filing, answer questions regarding support, and sell copies of payment histories. The Depository processes all court orders when support has been ordered payable through the Court.

When the non-custodial parent (obligor) is delinquent on payments, the department issues a delinquency letter. The obligor has 15 days to respond to the delinquency notice or pay the full amount owed. If there is no response or payment a judgment will be recorded in the public record. The judgment can act as a lien by operation of law. Interest is charged on all judgments at a rate determined by the Florida Department of Financial Services. Section 55.03(1), Florida Statutes, requires the Chief Financial Officer, on December 1 of each year beginning in 1994, to set the rate of interest that shall be payable on judgments and decrees for the year beginning the following January 1. Click here to be directed to the website to check on current and previous year interest rates.

On non Title IVD cases the custodial parent (obligee) may file a Request to Suspend Driver’s License and Motor Vehicle Registration through the Clerk’s Office when the obligor is 15 days delinquent. The Clerk will then send a Notice of Driver’s License Suspension to the obligor at the last address on record with the Department of Motor Vehicles. If there is no response to the Notice within 20 days, the Clerk’s Office will send a request electronically to the DMV to suspend the obligor's driver’s license. Click here to download the Request to Suspend Driver’s License and Motor Vehicle Registration form.

        The CGD is responsible for maintaining support accounts.  The term support can be defined as child support, alimony, and monies owed to the State of Florida Department of Revenue for government assistance.  The depository keeps the official record of all support activity in these types of cases. The CGD maintains a close relationship with the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Office, the Office of the Attorney General, and the State Disbursement Unit located in Tallahassee.

        Child Support payments may be paid online through Obligors who are Florida residents and employers with an income deduction order may pay online by credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa). There is a fee for payments made via credit card of 3.5% to use this service. They can also view the last 5 payments of their child support history.

        Payments made at the Clerk’s Office may only be paid by cash or certified funds made payable to the Clerk of the Circuit Court. All other payment forms should be mailed to the State Disbursement Unit in Tallahassee. The State Disbursement Unit no longer issues paper checks. The Request for Direct Deposit form is available here. For Title IVD cases, contact the Department of Revenue for payment options at 1-800-622-5437.

        Please contact the Family Law Department of the Clerk's Office at 813-276-8100 extension 4358 for more information about payments and support orders. You can also download a copy of the Central Governmental Depository (CGD) Payment History at a Glance which gives detailed information on how to read a payment history.Click here to download the document.

Two other child support payment services are available online. An obligor may set up an account for re-occurring child support payments. It is also possible to search by case number and social security number to access a payment history for an account. Click on the Child Support Payments link listed below to be connected to the site.

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Paying Child Support Online

The following brochures, which are provided by, explain the process of making child support payments online. 

One-Time Payment (English)

One-Time Payment (Spanish)

Payment Inquiry (English)

Payment Inquiry (Spanish)

Setting Up Account (English)

Setting Up Account (Spanish)


The public may view most Family Law files. Files that are considered confidential may not be viewed without a court order. Some examples of confidential files would be adoptions, delayed birth certificates and sealed files.