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The charges listed are established by Florida Statutes, Hillsborough County ordinances, administrative orders, rules of court procedures and special legislative acts.

NOTE: Some charges include additional fees which are authorized by county ordinances; These may vary from county to county.

Family Law Fees
Adoption* (includes sealing fee)$442.00
Termination of Parental Rights* (includes sealing fee)$442.00
Delayed Birth Certificate* (includes sealing fee)$442.00
Disabilities of nonage; removed (Emancipation)*$400.00
Temporary Custody by Extended Family Member*$400.00
Name Change*$414.00
Counter Petition for case indicated with *$395.00
Dissolution of Marriage**$408.00
All other Family Law actions not listed above**$300.00
Counter Petition for actions indicated with**$295.00
Sealing Fee$42.00
Attorney appearing Pro Hac Vice$100.00
Notice of Appeal (Requires 2 separate checks: (1)$300.00 made payable to the Second District Court of Appeals; (2)$100.00 + $1.00 perpage of entire Notice of Appeal and $2.00 for certifying made payable to Clerk of the Circuit Court)(1) $300.00 (2)$100.00 + copies
Reopening certain civil actions, suits, or proceedings in the Circuit Court$50.00
Writ of Garnishment issued$188.00
Issuing a Summons (Initial, Alias, and Pluries)$10.00
Issue & filing a subpoena$7.00
Signing and sealing a subpoena$2.00
Preparing and issuing certified statement of delinquency and notice of impending judgment$25.00
Certified mailing cost (plus regular postage)$3.12
Judgment payoff statement (child support)$25.00
Court ordered mediation services provided by Circuit Court Mediation Program: (A) Family income greater than $50,000 but less than $100,000 per year (B) Family income less than $50,000 per year(A) $120.00 (B) $60.00