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Internet Order Form for Family Law Files

This order form is for File Viewing, Uncontested Hearings, and Uniform Motion Calendar hearings scheduled before the division judges only.  Please do not use for Hearing Officer, Mediation, Case Management, or General Magistrate hearings.

* Required Information

*Case File Year:   * Case File Number  Division:
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e.g. 2011   e.g. 123456  


*Indicate location of courthouse for hearing or file viewing


* Style of Case








* Reason for Ordering File: (select one) 



 Please provide the following information:
* Order Date (mm/dd/yyyy):  
Hearing Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
(required, if UMC or Uncontested):
Hearing Time (8:30, 1:15, etc)
(required, if UMC or Uncontested):
* Requester's Name:  
Bar Number (required, if applicable):  
* Requester's Phone Number: (no dashes)  
* Requester's Email Address:  

Requests should be made at least 2 business days and no more than 60 days prior to the court hearing.  If your request is made less than 2 days before the hearing, your file may not be brought to the judge and you will have to reschedule the hearing.




Please contact the Family Law Department if you have any questions regarding your order.