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Mental Health Department
The Mental Health Department maintains the records on involuntary procedures related to mental illness, drug abuse, developmentally disabled, tuberculosis, adult protective services, adjudication of incapacitated persons, restoration of capacity for persons having previously been declared incapacitated, and preneed guardians.

The links below will take you to pages that will have more information concerning the Mental Health Department of the Clerk's Office:

Mental Health FAQs
Answers to commonly asked questions concerning the duties of the Mental Health Department.

Baker Act Information
Need to petition a Hillsborough County Court to involuntarily send a subject to a crisis stabilization unit?  You can find that information here.

Mental Health Contact Information
Need to visit, email, call, or mail the Mental Health Department? You can find that information here.

The majority of files maintained in the Mental Health Department are confidential and exempt from public access. We have provided the information on these pages to help answer some of your most frequently asked questions.