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Records Library

The Records Library provides access to filmed and imaged recorded documents, with the earliest records available in the Library dating back to 1836. Prior to 1958, documents were indexed and categorized by the type of document recorded. Deeds, mortgages, liens, judgments, satisfactions, military separations, and other documents each had their own series of books. In 1958, the Official Records Book series were created and all documents recorded after that date have been assigned to these books.

The Records Library staff provides information on how the records in the Library may be located and gives instruction on the use of the indexes to locate documents in record books. In addition to the Official Record Books, and the other series of earlier record books, Plat Books, Condominium Books, and Tax Rolls are also included in the contents of the Library. Copies of all documents are available upon payment of the statutory fee. The Records Library personnel also search for records and prepare Clerk's Certificates on a fee basis. 

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Records Library FAQs
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Records Library Contact Information
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