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Career Opportunities

The Career Opportunities section is your link to finding available positions for Hillsborough County and the Clerk's office. 

The Clerk of the Circuit Court provides a variety of job responsibilities for a wide range of interesting work serving the citizens of Hillsborough County. As a sample, jobs include: processing and maintaining court records for civil, felony, misdemeanor, traffic, probate, and jury services; financial accounting and auditing; recording and indexing of public records; operation of a computer data center; clerical support for County meetings and records. The office is public service oriented and many positions involve direct contact with the public either in person or by telephone. The Clerk’s Office is an equal opportunity employer. Most positions within the Clerk’s Office are clerical in nature, involving typing, data entry and filing. Normal working hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday; however, some positions require non standard office hours. The Clerk’s Office also offers professional opportunities in both accounting and computer technology. The Clerk of Circuit Court offers an exceptional benefits package to all employees that includes tuition reimbursement, retirement and deferred compensation plans, health, life and disability insurance, and paid vacation and sick leave.

The Clerk of the Circuit court is a member of the Hillsborough County Civil Service System.  As such, Civil Service handles the employment application and qualification process for classified positions.  A classified employee is one whose position is subject to regulation by the Civil Service Board and who accrues appeal rights upon obtaining tenure.  For more information, please refer to  [CSL Section 5(9)]. .  Click  on the link below for job opportunities available through the Hillsborough County Employment Opportunities page, and for information on the qualification and the application process.

Classified Positions - Current Openings

The Clerk of the Circuit Court also hires for unclassified positions.  An unclassified (exempt) employee is one whose position is in a class enumerated in Section 6(2) of the Civil Service Law as exempt from the classified service, and having such rights as are provided by the Appointing Authority.  Please note the terms exempt and unclassified are interchangeable.  for more information, please refer to [CSL Section 5(17)/Section 6(2)].

Unclassified Positions - No Current Openings