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Recording Department

The Clerk of the Circuit Court Recording Department records, indexes and archives all of the documents which create the Official Records of Hillsborough County. Approximately 25 million documents have been recorded in the Official Records since 1846 and 2,000 new documents are recorded each day. In addition to recording documents, the Recording Department collects money for documentary stamp taxes, intangible taxes, recording fees and other miscellaneous fees. 

Changes involving Lis Pendens and certified copies of Final Judgments:
Click here for information concerning charges to be collected for recording Lis Pendens and documents relating to Lis Pendens as well as changes in procedures involving certified copies of final judgments submitted to the Clerk at the time a proposed judgment is filed.

Select one of the links below to find more information about the Recording Department:

E-Recording Services

Information on electronically recording documents

Recording Fees
Fees related to the Recording Department

Recording FAQs
Some frequently asked questions from the Recording Department

Recording Check List
Reminder list of items that should be checked before submitting documents to be recorded.

Recording Contact Information
Need to visit, email, call, or mail the Recording Department? You can find that information here.

Before recording documents, please check the following :

  1. Date
  2. The name and address of each person signing an instrument affecting real property
  3. The name and address of each person receiving property on all documents conveying an interest in real property
  4. Description of property
  5. The signed and typed names are in agreement
  6. Acknowledgement
  7. Notary Public seal and expiration date
  8. Corporate seal if applicable
  9. Name and address of the natural person who prepared the instrument or under whose supervision it was prepared
  10. A 3 inch square at the top right-hand corner on first page and a 1x3 inch space at top right-hand corner on each subsequent page for use by the Clerk (on all documents).
  11. Name of each person who executed, witnessed and acknowledged documents affecting real property shall be legibly printed, typewritten or stamped on each document.
  12. To assist us in recording your documents, please submit the Recording Transmittal form with all transactions.
  13. Florida Statue requires two witnesses on deeds.
  14. A self addressed stamped envelope of sufficient size for the return of your recorded documents.

Click here to calculate recording fees for your new mortgage.

Click here to calculate recording fees for your new deed.