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Electronic Notices of Court Hearings

Electronic Notices of Court Hearings

The Clerk of Court & Comptroller has switched to electronic notices of court hearings for attorneys of record and bail bond agents in certain types of cases, saving tens of thousands of dollars a year.

The switch from snail-mail notices to email began Monday, October 1, 2018. About 2,500 notices a week are now being sent electronically as part of the shift to a digital environment begun several years ago. About 4 million documents have been filed electronically since August 2016, and cases can be viewed online at hover.hillsclerk.com.

The first phase of the shift to electronic court notices involve cases in the Circuit Criminal, County Criminal, Criminal Traffic and Civil Traffic divisions. Eventually all eligible court-related documents will be sent electronically to attorneys of record and bail bond agents.

“I am very proud of the work that went into this important project,” said Clerk of Court & Comptroller Pat Frank. “This not only saves taxpayer money, it ensures timely notice in the most efficient manner.”