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  • HELP and Domestic Partnership Registry /Additional-Services/HELP-and-DPR

    Description: Do you have questions about the Hillsborough County Domestic Partnership Registry, how it differs from a city DPR, what form or affidavit you need to register, the benefit of registering with the Clerk, how the registry works, what if you get married or divorced or separate after registering, confidentiality, the rights and legal affect of a registered domestic partnership, the HELP (Health, Education and Life Planning) Registry, fees, and much more, this page will get you to the answers.

  • Foreign Marriage /Additional-Services/Marriage-License/Foreign-Marriage

    Description: Were you married in a foreign country or are you planning to marry in a foreign country? This page has information about foreign marriages.

  • Preorder Case Files /Preorder-Case-Files

    Description: Preorder case files for Circuit Civil, County Civil, Family Law, Felony, and Misdemeanor through this page.

  • Before You Visit /Before-You-Visit

    Description: Before you visit the Clerk's Office in person, review the information on this page first. It might save you a visit or make you better prepared for your visit so you don't have to come back again.

  • Collections /Court-Services/Collections

    Description: Did you get a Collections letter from some agency and you want to know if they are authorized to collect debts for the Clerk of Court? Are you wondering why the Clerk sent your debt to Collections in the first place? What about the fees, service charges, and such that you are being asked to pay? All of the answers to those questions and more will be found on the Collections page.

  • Start Child Support /Court-Services/Family-Law/Child-Support/Start-Child-Support

  • Marriage and Divorce Records /Additional-Services/Marriage-License/Marriage-and-Divorce-Records

    Description: Are you looking for copies of your marriage certificate? Are you interested in looking up marriage records online? Are you looking for historical marriage record information? Are you looking for divorce records? This page has this information, and more.

  • Description: What is notarizing, apostille certification, remote notarial acts? Why is it important to have documents notarized? What different types of notarial acts are there? What notary services does the Clerk's Office offer? What is Notarial or Apostille Certification? How do you become a notary in Florida? This page has all of the answers to these questions.

  • Strategic Plan Framework /About-Us/Strategic-Plan-Framework

    Description: The Clerk's Strategic Plan is the framework for our mission and our values, which are used to determine our goals..

  • Media Inquiries /About-Us/Media-Inquiries