Unlawful Detainer

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Are you a property owner or the legal tenant of a property, and you have a relative, girlfriend or boyfriend, an adult son or daughter, or other acquaintance living in your home, who is not paying you rent to stay there and has no lease agreement, is not the property owner or is not a party on the lease with you, but has now overstayed their welcome and they will not go voluntarily? This is called Unlawful Detainer in Florida. Removing a person from your property with whom you have no agreement to pay rent is not an eviction -- it is similar to an eviction, but there is no Landlord-Tenant relationship and no lease agreement. The Unlawful Detainer information packet details everything you need to provide, which forms to use and the step-by-step process for filing them. The Clerk cannot give you legal advice or fill out these forms for you -- you may want to contact the Lawyer Referral Service at (813) 221-7780.  Determine unlawful detainer costs at our Fees page.