Holiday Schedule

Please check our coronavirus public information page to see if the services you seek have been affected outside of our holiday calendar.

The Hillsborough County Clerk of Court & Comptroller's office will be closed on the following dates: 

    DATE               DAY          HOLIDAY
01/01/2020 Wednesday New Year's Day
01/20/2020 Monday Martin Luther King Day
04/10/2020 Friday  Good Friday
05/25/2020  Monday  Memorial Day 
07/03/2020  Friday  Independence Day (observed)
09/07/2020  Monday  Labor Day 
09/28/2020  Monday  Yom Kippur 
11/11/2020  Wednesday  Veterans' Day 
11/26/2020  Thursday  Thanksgiving Holiday 
11/27/2020  Friday  Thanksgiving Holiday 
12/24/2020  Thursday  Christmas Holiday 
12/25/2020  Friday  Christmas Holiday 

 13th Judicial Circuit Court's Holiday Schedule Website [external link]
    DATE               DAY          HOLIDAY
01/01/2021 Friday New Year's Day
01/18/2021 Monday Martin Luther King Day
04/02/2021 Friday  Good Friday
05/31/2021  Monday  Memorial Day 
07/05/2021  Monday  Independence Day (observed)
09/06/2021  Monday  Labor Day 
09/07/2021  Tuesday  Rosh Hashanah 
09/16/2021  Thursday  Yom Kippur 
11/11/2021  Thursday  Veterans' Day 
11/25/2021  Thursday  Thanksgiving Holiday 
11/26/2021  Friday  Thanksgiving Holiday 
12/23/2021  Thursday  Christmas Holiday 
12/24/2021  Friday  Christmas Holiday