Clerk’s Office collaborates on Florida’s first Animal Abuser Registry

Clerk’s Office collaborates on Florida’s first Animal Abuser Registry The Clerk’s Office collaborated with Hillsborough County government agencies to create the first Animal Abuser Registry in Florida.

The registry, which launched this week, grows out of an ordinance initiated by Commissioner Kevin Beckner and adopted Sept. 8 by the Hillsborough County Commission requiring any county resident convicted of animal abuse to register. Those on the registry are prohibited from owning a pet. Animal-related businesses and organizations are required to check the registry to ensure that no one on the registry takes possession of an animal.

Everyone is encouraged to check the Animal Abuser Registry before they transfer any animal by sale or adoption or otherwise.

“I want to convey my thanks for the significant collaboration and assistance we received from the Clerk’s Office,” said Ramin Kouzehkanani, the county’s chief information & innovation officer. “Their steadfast participation, can-do-attitude, and assistance helped make this initiative possible.”

Clerk of Court & Comptroller Pat Frank praised the team work. “We enjoy an excellent working relationship with the county and this project is the latest example,” she said.