Court Case Text Messaging Notification

Court Case Text Messaging Notifications is a free service (data charges may apply from your phone carrier) to provide text messages for scheduled hearings or for payment due reminders on a court case in Hillsborough County. Go to the text messaging notifications user guide for step-by-step instructions and then visit our HOVER site to sign up.

Anyone can request notifications with exceptions for certain protected case types as described in the Florida Courts security matrix [external website link]. For protected case types, only the attorney of record and the self-represented litigant are able to subscribe.

You can subscribe to text notifications for multiple court cases.

Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil & Criminal Traffic

Reminders Available for Most Hearings - check official court case progress docket for all hearings; messages sent at 10, 7, and 1 day before the hearing date

Payment due date reminders; messages sent at 10, 7, and 1 day before a due date

Payment confirmation notifications

Juvenile Dependency & Delinquency, Family Law, Circuit Civil, County Civil, Probate and Mental Health

Reminders Available for Some Hearings - check official court case progress docket for all hearings; messages sent at 10, 7, and 1 day before the hearing date

Payment due date reminders; messages sent at 10, 7, and 1 day before a due date)

Payment confirmation notification

  • If you reply “Stop” from your mobile phone you will be unsubscribed from all notifications.
  • Opting out through our HOVER website will allow you to select the specific court case(s) that you no longer want to receive notifications for, and allow the other subscriptions to remain active.
  • Regardless of whether you opt out or not, all subscriptions will expire 90 days after the last "trigger" event on the court case, even if the case is still open. A trigger event is a payment made to the case or the scheduling of a court hearing. In the event that 90 days have passed after the last trigger event, your subscription has expired and you still want to receive text notifications about that court case, you can re-subscribe to notifications via our HOVER website.

    Additional enhancements are being worked on to include traffic school reminders, proof of compliance status, traffic ticket available to pay, payment receipts, changes to court case statuses.

User Guide

Eligible cases will display “Subscribe to receive notifications for case # XX-XX-XXXXXX” and a green “Subscribe” button.


HOVER Case Green Arrow More Options with Subscribe Option

Click on the green “Subscribe” button. A dialog box will appear.

Enter the mobile phone number at which you want to receive the text messages. 

After entering the mobile number, click on the blue “Show available notifications” button.
HOVER Case Subscribe Option Types

A list of reminder and notification types will display. Not all types are available for every case. If the check box is not clickable, that type is not available for the case. You can select one or more from the available types by checking the boxes. You can also select all available types by clicking on “All Notifications and Reminders”.

Click on the green "subscribe for notification" button when you are finished.

The mobile phone number used to you enrolled should immediately receive a text message telling you that the phone number is enrolled for that case number. You must reply “Yes” to confirm the subscription.  You can always reply “STOP” if you no longer want the notifications.

Enrolling in and managing text notifications for multiple court cases

If you want to enroll for notification for multiple court cases or manage your text notification subscriptions individually, you will need to create a free account on our HOVER website portal. If you already have a HOVER account, login to manage your current subscriptions (add new, delete, current).

If you experiencing problems with your text notifications, please email the HOVER team with a detailed description (and screen captures, if possible) for support.