Removal of Tenant Eviction Process

(Commercial and Residential)

NOTE: All business day waiting periods exclude date of service, weekends and legal holidays observed by the Clerk.

  1. Hand deliver or post a 7 day or 15 day notice and keep copy. You can download forms here.
  2. Wait 7 or 15 calendar days.
  3. File civil cover sheet, complaint, summons, lease (if any) and 7 or 15 day notice with the Court.
  4. Tenant is served. Must wait 5 business days after service of summons.
  5. If no answer is filed by the tenant, go to step 6. If tenant files answer, go to Step 8. If tenant retains attorney, go to Step 10.
  6. File motion for default, affidavit in proof of claim, final disposition and judgment for possession count 1 with the Court.
  7. Clerk enters default. Go to step 11.
  8. File affidavit in proof of claim, prepare request for hearing, final disposition with the Court.
  9. Hearing is held. Go to step 11.
  10. You may need to seek legal advice. End of flow for tenant retains attorney.
  11. File judgment for possession count 1 with the Court.
  12. If tenant is still in the premises, issue writ of possession; landlord takes writ of possession to the Sheriff; Sheriff removes tenant from premises.