The Clerk's Office will be closed on Friday, April 19, 2019 in observance of Good Friday, and will reopen for business on Monday, April 22nd. If you require assistance with processing injunctions for Protection Against Violence, we will have staff that can assist you on Friday, April 19th from 7AM until 10AM at the Edgecomb Courthouse, 800 E Twiggs Street.

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Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

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Landlord Rights

• Landlords have the right to re-enter their property for justifiable cause with reasonable notice (for example, to provide necessary maintenance and repairs)

• Landlords have the right to receive agreed-upon rent

• Landlords have the right to have the premises returned to them in good condition upon the termination of the lease

Landlord Responsibilities

• Landlords are required to maintain the property and to keep it in compliance with health and building codes (for example, roof repairs for leaks and extermination treatment for pests)

• Landlords are required to keep common areas clean and safe (for example, remove trash, cut grass, fix unsafe walkways)

• Landlords are required to provide functional facilities (for example, whether or not a tenant pays for electricity, the electrical system and electric meter have to be in working condition, the water pipes should not leak) -- landlords cannot turn off utilities for non-payment of rent even if the landlord pays for those utilities (NOTE: air conditioning and hot water are not a requirement for a functional facility in Florida)

Eviction Process