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Child Support Self Help Center

Can the Clerk help me with custody and visitation issues?

The law does not allow the Clerk to become involved in issues concerning parenting and parenting time. If you have legal questions about those matters, you should contact a personal lawyer. Depending on your income, you may qualify for free legal assistance.

What is the difference between a Department of Revenue child support case and a non-Department of Revenue case?

Generally, if the case was filed with and handled by the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement, it is usually a Department of Revenue case. If the case was filed using a private attorney or self-filed (pro se) by the custodial parent, then the case is usually a non-Department of Revenue case. However, the Department of Revenue can terminate their services, making the case a non-Department of Revenue case; conversely, the Department of Revenue can sign on to enforce a private case, then making it a Department of Revenue case. If the Department of Revenue terminates its services, it may not mean your child support obligation has ended.

Are you an employer with an employee who is required to make child support payments?

The Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement website has detailed information for employers who need to report newly hired employees and who are required to withhold income for child support payments.

Where can I get free child support forms?

The Clerk has many forms available for free via download. If you want printed versions of these forms, there is a charge. Go to the Court Business Center located on the 6th Floor of the Edgecomb Courthouse for assistance.

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You can make an appointment for child support cases at the Tampa location.

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