General Child Support Payment Information

How do I pay my court-ordered child support?

Find out more about Court-ordered child support payment options for Department of Revenue cases on their website or by calling (850) 488-5437.

Court-ordered child support payments for non-Department of Revenue cases can be mailed to the Clerk in the form of a check, paid in person at the Clerk’s office using cash or a check or money order, paid online through My Florida County using a credit card or e-check, or paid in cash at any Amscot location (a convenience fee will be charged by Amscot) (Amscot is open every day; many locations are open 24/7). Checks received by the Clerk must be made payable to "The Clerk of the Circuit Court." Any payments using other payment methods must be made to the Florida State Disbursement Unit (FLSDU), PO Box 8500, Tallahassee FL 32314-8500.

All payment options will require you to provide your court order case number. If paying by check, certified check or money order, you will need to include your full name (first middle last), social security number, and “Hillsborough County” in addition to your court order case number with the payment.

Is there a fee charged for child support payments?

Fees are charged for non-Department of Revenue child support payments per FSS 61.181(2)(a) & (b). The fee is 4 percent of the court-ordered amount, a minimum of $1.00, but not more than $5.25.

How do I get a copy of my payment history?

Do gifts or money given directly to the child satisfy an order to pay child support?

Gifts or money given directly to the child do not satisfy an order to pay child support. To get credit for child support payments, the parent who owes support must pay according to the terms of the support order. Payments made other than as ordered are generally treated as gifts and credit is not given unless court-ordered.

What does the child support program do if the parent does not pay as ordered?

See the Late Payments page for more information

My child will be 18 years old soon. When does child support stop?

If you owe past due child support, you are required to pay it off, no matter how old your child is.
Your child support order will have details about when the current support will end. Usually child support will stop when the child becomes 18 years old. However, there are some situations when child support will continue past your child’s 18th birthday. Some of those situations are when the:

  • Support order specifically says that the support will continue past age 18
  • Child is disabled
  • Support order is from another state where support continues past age 18
  • Child is still in high school but will graduate before they turn 19 years. Support doesn’t automatically continue in this situation. You should contact the Child Support Enforcement Department before the child turns 18 years so that they can determine if child support may be able to continue until graduation.
  • The parent who owes support agreed to pay beyond age 18 years and it is part of the support order.

What is the Central Governmental Depository?

The Central Governmental Depository (CGD) is responsible for maintaining child support accounts. The term "support" can be defined as monies owed to the State of Florida Department of Revenue for government assistance. The depository keeps the official record of all support activity in these types of cases.

The CGD can receipt support payments, purge payments, and fees associated with support cases. Additionally, the CGD can accept pleadings for filing, answer questions regarding support, and sell copies of payment histories. The depository processes all court orders when support has been ordered payable through the court.

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