Criminal Traffic Tickets

IMAGE Criminal Traffic Ticket

Criminal traffic violations include, but are not limited to:

• Driving under the influence

• Driving on a suspended driver's license with knowledge

• Leaving the scene of an accident

• Reckless driving

• No motor vehicle registration

Criminal traffic offenses require a mandatory court appearance. You will be notified via U.S. mail of your arraignment hearing date. There is no option to choose your court hearing date; you will be summoned to the next available court date. All hearing notices will be sent to the address listed on the ticket (citation).  It is the driver's responsibility to keep the Clerk's Office informed of his/her correct mailing address. If you were arrested by the law enforcement officer and have bonded out of jail, your bondsman will be notified of the court hearing date, as well.

NOTE: It is important that you report to the hearing on time, on the correct date and at the correct location. Failure to appear in court at your scheduled time and date may result in suspension of your driver's license and additional late fees. Failure to appear may also result in a warrant being issued for your arrest. If you were previously arrested for the violation, you may also forfeit any bond you or your family have posted.

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